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WinVista Wireless Setup Instructions

Click on the "Wireless icon" in the taskbar
Click on "Connect to a network"



Click on "Setup a connection or network"



Click on "Manually connect to a wireless network"
Then click the "Next" button



Insert the following:

Network Name   = WSU Secure
Security Type     = WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption Type = AES

Click "Next"



Click on "Change connection settings"


Click on the "Security" tab

Select "Protected EAP (PEAP)" and then click on Settings...



In the "Protected EAP Properties" window do the following things:

  • Check "Validate server certificate"

  • Check "Enable Fast Reconnect"

  • Verify that "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)" is the selected Authentication Method

Then click the "Configure" button.
This will open the box shown below.

Uncheck the checkbox that say to "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password" ... then click "OK" twice

NOTE: Unless this box is unchecked, WSU Secure will never prompt you for your wildcat username and password to authenticate to the wireless system.



Windows will display a bubble in the lower right corner. Click on the bubble.



When prompted, enter your Wildcat Username and Wildcat Password



When you are connected successfully you will see a symbol like the one below....



If you are still unable to connect to WSU Secure Wireless network,
contact the IT Service Desk at (801) 626-7777

IT Service Desk, Technology Services
Weber State University, Ogden, Utah 84408
(801) 626-7777