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Accessing the Wireless Network

The Weber State wireless network is available for use by Faculty, Staff, and Students. Limited access is provided for visitors via our guest wireless network.

The WSU wireless network consists of two SSID's WSU Secure and WSU Guest. The WSU Secure network allows encrypted access to the Weber State websites and network resources. WSU Secure access is limited to current students and employees of Weber State University with a valid Wildcat Username and Password. The WSU Guest network is for guest access and is limited to Internet access only. Access to Weber State resources is very limited from this network. Faculty, Staff, and Students are encouraged to use the WSU Secure network to access Weber State resources.

Peer-to-peer sharing software and downloads are strictly prohibited on all Weber State wired and wireless networks. This includes legal use of peer-to-peer software that may be included in retail software. If this activity is detected, the wireless account will be disabled and further network and internet access may be deactivated for the offending computer. There is a service charge to reactivate disabled accounts. Multiple or repeat violations will result in permanent deactivation.


The WSU Secure network requires WPA2/AES encryption and 802.1x with MSCHAP v2 to connect. A valid Wildcat Username and Wildcat Password is required to successfully connect to this network.

The WSU Guest network requires acceptance of the Weber State "Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)" before internet access is granted. This network will only allow access to the Internet and limited access to Weber State ( websites or resources.

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