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Ogden, Utah
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Telecommunications - Using Your Phone
There are some special Tones and Rings that are used to indicate specific conditions while interacting with the phone system.
Dial Tone A continuing steady tone.  
(a digit must be dialed within 10 seconds)
Recall Dial Tone Three short tones followed by a steady tone.
(action is accepted, proceed with dialing)
Confirmation Tone Three short tones.
(action is accepted, service is in operation)
Busy Tone Short tone repeated 60 times a minute.
(the party dialed is busy)
Reorder Tone A fast busy tone repeated 120 times a minute.
(call temporarily blocked, try later)
Intercept Tone Alternating high and low siren tone.
(dialing error made or special services denied)
Call Waiting Tone One short beep.
(you have another call waiting)
One Ring Call from another on-campus extension.
Two Rings Call from off campus or Campus Operator.

To learn about phone features such as forwarding and transferring click the feature at the left or go to the Phone Features page.



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