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Ogden, Utah
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Telecommunications - Students In Campus Housing
  • Q: What is my phone number?
      A: Your phone number is located on the phone jack in your room and can be looked up at the Telecommunications sign-up desk during check-in.  The first three digits of your prefix are 689.  (689-####)
  • Q: I have general Telecommunications questions.
      A: Please refer to your "Technology Resource CD” included in your Welcome Packet you received at check-in, or call Student Accounts at extension 8855.
  • Q: I lost my Student Technology CD, how do I get a new one?
      A: Please contact the Housing and Residence Life main office at ext. 7275.
  • Q: How do I sign up for services? 
      A: Visit the Telecommunications booth when you check-in at student housing, call Student Accounts at extension 8855, or complete the Student Services Contract.  
  • Q: How does billing work?
      A: Your telephone bill will be mailed the first week of each month to the  “Billing Address” you entered on your contract.
  • Q: Where do I send my phone bill payment?
      A: Payments are accepted by check, cashier’s check, or money order (not cash) to the Telecommunications Office, attention Student Accounts, 2302 University Circle, Ogden, Utah, 84408.
  • Q: I have a problem with my phone bill. 
      A: Call Student Accounts at extension 8855.  Please have your bill on hand.
  • Q: What services are available and what are the rates?
      A: For $15 per month the following services are included:
    • Private number & jack in resident’s room
    • Voice mail (can be checked from any phone, anywhere, any time)
    • Message Manager (open, store, and organize voice mails and faxes on your PC)
    • Call forwarding (send your calls to any number, including mobile devices)
    • Unlimited Local calls
    • Unlimited 1-800 calls
    • Operator Services, ext. 6000 or “0”
    • Phonetic Operator, ext. 8888
    • 4-digit dial to any phone on campus (includes Ogden Campus, Davis
    • Campus, Morgan Center, West Center, and the Training and Learning Center).
    • Program your dorm phone calls to ring simultaneously on your cellular phone.
    • Additional Services Available
      • Long Distance
      • Directory Assistance
  • Q: How do I set up my voicemail?
    A: Initial set up:  The first time you dial into the voice mail system, prompts will guide you through the setup process.  Once your voice mailbox has been set up, you will be able to send and retrieve messages easily.  

    To access the voice mail system dial extension 7400 (626-7400).  When prompted for an extension you can press the # key if you are calling from your own extension, or when calling from another phone, enter your extension number followed by the # key.  Enter the new password you created during the setup process.  

    For additional instructions about administering voice mail click here.
  • Q: How do I get access to dial Long Distance?
    A: To dial Long Distance or Directory Assistance from your campus phone you will need an Authorization Code. To obtain an Authorization Code you must first sign-up for all monthly services.  You can do so by visiting the Telecommunications booth when you check-in, completing the Student Services Contract online or by calling Student Accounts at extension 8855; after verification, a code will be assigned to you.
  • Q: How do I dial Long Distance now that I have my Authorization Code?
    A: To place long distance calls using your authorization code:
    • Dial 9 to get an outside line followed by the long distance number you are dialing. (Include 1 and the area code)
    • You will hear 4 short beeps. After the beeps, enter your authorization code.
  • Q: How do I dial Directory Assistance?

A: You must have an Authorization Code to dial Directory Assistance.  See the instructions above for getting an Authorization Code and use the same directions for dialing Long Distance.


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