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Password Self-Service Portal

The Password Self-Service Portal allows users to update their Wildcat password to meet our new heightened security requirements. When using Password Self-Service for the first time, challenge questions will need to be created allowing you to reset a forgotten or expiring password.

To reset your password go to the Password Self-Service Portal and login with your Wildcat Username and Password.


If you have forgotten your password go to the "Forgot your Password" screen.  If you are unable to use the Forgotten Password screen to reset your password, go to the Wildcat Account screen for instructions on how to obtain a temporary password.

   You can also access this screen by going to the Weber home page
and clicking on the "password help" link (see picture below)


If this is your first time accessing the Password Self-Service Portal you will need to set up your challenge questions. Make sure to use a question that you will remember, that is unlikely to change, and that others would not know the answer to.

Once you have successfully created your challenge questions, you will be taken into the Password Self-Service Portal.


Changing your Wildcat Password

To proceed with changing your password, click on the "Change Password" link.

Select and type a new password which meets the minimum requirements listed below --
(minimum 8 characters with at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 number)

You must also use a new password that hasn't been used before.

Retype the new password and click the Submit button.



If the password was successfully changed, it will say "Password Changed" at the top.

Remember to click Logout in the upper right corner.


**Remember --- Passwords expire and need to be changed every 4 months.


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